Holiday Road Trip Preparation Tips

Before you get everyone in the car ready for the long holiday drive, here are a few things to consider that could help you to get to where you are going with fewer incidents.

The roads are going to be especially packed the day before the holiday. If you can find the time to get away a day earlier than that, you stand less of a chance of being trapped in severe traffic.

Be sure you take a minute to inspect that the spare tire is fully inflated. Then check you have a working car jack and tools to remove the tire. Keep an emergency box in the trunk with things like duct tape, tools, and even a gas can.

Plan your trip on your computer and look for any areas that might be congested this time of year. Avoid airports and malls, just plan to go around them.

Be sure that you make time to visit BMW of Chico and let our team give your vehicle a full inspection before you leave this holiday season.
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