Worry-Free Holiday Trip with Food

Celebrate and share the spirit of holidays by preparing a favorite recipe for family and friends. However, enjoying the visual appeal and taste of your gift may depend on how it is packed and transported to its destination.

Select the type of food to serve and gather the supplies needed to protect the food and your car. Glass and plastic dishes with covers and insulated bags are the best choices for both hot casseroles and cold salads. Cardboard boxes or laundry baskets that fit in the trunk or back of your car will stabilize containers helping prevent shifting or spilling. Wrap aluminum foil around pans without covers. Inverted pie plates prevent crushing and crumbling. Tape them in place. Cupcake pans will protect appetizers as well as cupcakes and muffins.

Temperature safety is essential, and the length of your trip determines how to pack your food. Towels and crumpled newspaper help maintain the temperature and serve to keep containers from spilling. Coolers with ice packs preserve the freshness and appeal of cold hors-d'oeuvres, salads, and sweets. BMW of Chico is ready to serve your car needs so you can enjoy a worry-free trip. Happy holiday!
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