Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Many communities and businesses plan a Trunk-or-Treat event to celebrate the Halloween holiday. This type of event creates a safer way for children to gather their Halloween goodies. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your vehicle for Halloween:

Pickup truck owners could have fun creating a cemetery in the back of their truck. Place some mounds of dirt in coffin shapes and add some store-bought headstones. Add some skeleton pieces, like a hand, sticking up out of the dirt. To finish the effect, place a couple of pans with dry ice in the back corners of the bed to create some creepy fog.

SUVs serve as the perfect vehicle to create a larger-than-life Halloween scene. Get creative with store bought decorations and cardboard cutouts. To get the kids really excited use popular cartoon characters, super heroes, or movie characters.

You can also get your sedan or sports car in on the Trunk-or-Treat action. Add lights, pumpkins, barrels of candy, and any other decorations you’d like to maximize your holiday potential.

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