Cleaning The Transmission Fluid

One of the important parts of any vehicle that you purchase is the transmission. In order to prolong the life of the transmission, you need to get it serviced as is recommended by BMW of Chico or by the handbook for the vehicle. The fluid in the transmission is responsible for lubricating the gears and the mechanical parts and for keeping the system cool.

Over time, the transmission fluid in the vehicle will deteriorate. Routine service will flush out the old fluid so that new fluid is added. The transmission flush will help to remove any debris that has built up, which will put less strain on the part. If there is debris, it can impact how the gears shift, which can mean a lack of movement while driving.

When speaking with the sales representative and the service department at BMW of Chico, ask about the type of transmission in the vehicle you want to buy. Find out when service should be performed and what you should look for if there are any issues.

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