Why do you need windshield wiper fluid?

You probably never even consider your windshield wiper fluid until it runs out. That's when you learn how important it is. Having a clean windshield is important, and windshield wiper fluid helps you achieve that.

The main use of windshield wiper fluid is to clean off your windshield to improve visibility. This often is vital in the winter months, when melting snow causes the roads to be covered in muddy water that constantly gets flung up onto your windshield. The fluid also can help in the winter to prevent ice buildup on your windshield.

Windshield wiper fluid also can be valuable on long trips when your windshield is bombarded with dust and bugs, which can reduce your visibility.

You can refill your windshield wiper tank yourself pretty easily, but also remember that when you bring your car into BMW of Chico, we always will top off your tank for you.
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