Keeping Your Car Healthy Is Much Easier than You Think

When you get a new car, or, even if you have an older model vehicle, you most likely want to take care of it. Getting your oil changed is typically simple. You can either take it to the dealership or, take it to a "quick lube" place. The only issue is, that many people are changing their oil far too often. While this may not sound right to you, it is. Most of us still hear our parents and, of course, mechanics tell us it needs to be done every 3,000 miles. They were right, however, times have changed.

With synthetic oils and, more efficient engines come less maintenance. If your vehicle is less than 20 years old, you more than likely fall into this category. There is no one size fits all rule, so, you always want to check your cars monitoring system, the owner's manual, or, contact the dealership for assistance. We at BMW of Chico will be happy to help with any service needs. Go online or call us if you need to schedule an appointment today.
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