BMW 4 Series Overview

The 4 Series is the latest finely-tuned vehicle from the BMW team. Their engines features turbo horsepower even at the base, and in the premium trims, you get some of the best features, like new cameras and sensors that provide blind spot monitoring, departure lane assist, and voice-enabled commands. While the infotainment got an upgrade, so did the exterior. While the refresh is light, it also incorporated a new suspension that has nimble handling no matter the road.

There are some trims that beat out others in style and engineering, like the Gran Turismo. This is a hatchback that has a sporty engine, and the xDrive models can switch between sport mode and fuel economy. You can get up to 34 mpg with the 4 series models. No wonder it's ranked within the top 10 in luxury small cars.

You can check out the latest BMW 4 series and test drive at BMW of Chico.




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