Experience Legendary Racing Power in the New BMW M Models

The letters BMW have long stood for excellence on the race track and the road, but add one more letter to get the M Models, you get top of the line performance vehicles suitable for everyday thrills. The eight M models never skimp on quality and power. Our team in Chico wants to introduce you to a new driving adventure.

These coupes, convertibles, and crossovers start with high-tech engineering. The BMW M Models line combines high-power TwinTurbo engines with a lightweight body for uncompromising speed and agility. These advances that get wins on the track will thrill just as much on the highway.

Experience the racetrack heritage that started with the BMW M-1 back in 1972 in a totally street legal ride. Included features like a GoPro-integrated lap timer app can help you boost your speed at the track or time your morning commute. Stop by BMW of Chico to take one of our M-Series cars for a test drive today.



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