BMW Tires Road Hazard Tire Coverage

Sometimes, the unexpected happens, and this is especially true when you're in your car. Someone might ding your door with theirs in the parking lot, or you might have an unexpected emergency repair that you need to have fixed. While you can't plan for every unexpected event, sometimes there are things that you can do before an event occurs that will make the situation more manageable, and BMW offers coverage on your tires in case they are ever damaged by road hazards.

If you get the coverage, your tires can be replaced in the event that you hit a nail, pothole, glass, or another road hazard. There are several types of tires that are available for coverage, including OEM, WIN, and OEA tires.

To get the new tires, you can either contact the dealership that originally sold you the vehicle, or you can call the program administrator. And this deal is available during the first year that you own the vehicle.



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