The BMW Series 3 sports sedans carry the legacy of its predecessors forward with continuous innovation that makes luxury fun to drive. Now in its seventh generation, the Series 3 brings more power, agility and spirit to your driving experience than ever before.

You'll have all the power you need for road trips. The Series 3 features powerful engines and sport tuning that gives you up to 382 hp. When it comes to handling, its fine-tuned suspension gives you the agility you need to smoothly turn corners. You also enjoy M perks such as M Sport Differential, M Sport Brakes, and M Sport Suspension that make the Series 3 sedans like no others.

Inside, you'll find the ultimate in luxury, with refined details and leather upholstery that fits you like a glove. The cockpit also surrounds you with the latest instrumentation to keep you connected at all times.



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