The BMW 6 Series is an all-purpose automobile by all means. This high-end luxury sedan is a road warrior thanks to all of its top-tier components. High-quality materials are built into the cabin, which seats at least five persons. This includes premium leather as well as power-adjustable front seats.

The BMW 6 Series also hosts ventilated and massage front seats. Providing pure comfort is the goal as consumers can also look forward to a heated steering wheel. All-day comfort is possible as well as plenty of legroom for the front and rear seats. There's a 10-inch multimedia display that's located in the center dash. BMW even offers wireless charging for convenience. Smartphone integration comes via Apple CarPlay. There are two USB ports as well as Wi-Fi for surfing the web.

This basically scratches the surface, so hit us up today to see exactly what the BMW 6 Series can do for you.


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