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Here at BMW of Chico, we offer a wide selection of new BMW and used cars. Whether you're looking for the latest in European performance or a gently used car, we have an excellent variety of vehicles from some of the most popular brands around. We know that choosing the right car is important. However, once you've found the right vehicle, you will need to determine the best financing decision for your needs.

There are a lot of factors to consider when getting financed, but what you choose will ultimately depend on what works best for your lifestyle. We don't want you to have to make that decision alone though. Read on to learn more about your financing and leasing options in the Sacramento area.

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Leasing vs. Buying

The first step in determining the best financing option is to understand the difference between leasing and buying. Leasing means that you won't have ownership of the vehicle. Instead, you will make monthly payments for use of the vehicle until the lease term ends. Buying a vehicle with a loan, broadly referred to as "financing," means that you will take out a loan for the amount of the vehicle and make monthly payments plus interest. Both leasing and financing have their advantages, but how do you know which is the right option for you? We're here to help make the right decision!

Advantages of Leasing

One of the best advantages of leasing a vehicle is the lower monthly payments. If you're concerned with having a high car bill, leasing could be a great option. In addition, leasing means that you will have lower fees to drive off the lot. In fact, you might even be able to leave the lot without putting a down payment at all.

Another advantage of leasing near Roseville, CA is the fact that you get to drive the latest model vehicle. If you're someone who enjoys that new car smell, leasing will enable you to always drive the best vehicles on the market.

Disadvantages of Leasing

On the other hand, leasing a vehicle comes with mileage restrictions. This isn't ideal long-term if you have to drive long distances, such as for work. At the same time, you can potentially incur additional fees at the end of your lease term. Common fees include mileage overage and wear and tear. Plus, leasing is generally only available for new vehicles.

Advantages of Buying

One of the advantages of buying a vehicle over leasing is that you won't have any mileage restrictions. This gives you the freedom to travel where you want to go without monitoring yourself. Additionally, you won't have to worry about any wear and tear charges since the vehicle is yours.

Not only that, but buying a vehicle gives you an opportunity to sell or trade-in your vehicle later on, making it a great long-term investment.

Disadvantages of Buying

On the downside, buying a vehicle typically means that you will have a higher monthly payment. Another thing to consider is that you will be responsible for long-term maintenance costs since you will still be responsible for the vehicle once the warranty is up.

Choose the Best Option For You

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to funding your next car. The best option will essentially depend on your current needs and biggest priorities. If you're in the process of purchasing your next vehicle, be sure to use financial tools such as trade-in forms if you're interested in knowing the value of your current vehicle or begin your finance application to see how much vehicle you can afford.

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