While you're making reservations for your service appointment please note that if you're planning on waiting for your vehicle to be serviced or repaired, our service write up process starts at 7:30am and our technicians start work at 8:00am.

Schedule BMW Service And Maintenance In Chico

Do you know which vehicle maintenance services matter most when it comes to caring for your BMW when driving around the Chico area? What happens if you skip a service appointment? Maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis is more important than many Sacramento drivers realize. Here at BMW of Chico, we make it our commitment to take care of our customers even after purchasing from our new or used inventory. We want to make it easy to schedule maintenance and repair so that you can get in and out as conveniently as possible. Read on to discover the importance of regular service for your BMW.

Extend Your Car's Life

You'll get more life out of your car when you take care of things like belt and hose replacement, oil and filter changes, steering alignment and exhaust work. Staying on top of these things prevents unnecessary wear and tear. Even something as simple as regular auto detailing helps to keep rust away.

Protect Your Investment

When your vehicle is well cared for, its value is higher. You'll get more money at trade in or when you sell it if your car is in excellent shape rather than fair or poor condition.

Prevent Problems Down The Road

You'll also save a lot of frustration. Routine upkeep prevents unnecessary breakdowns. You'll be less likely to find yourself broken down on the side of the road when you take regular care of your engine's moving parts. Let's not forget how much money you can save. Something as simple as failing to get your oil changed can cause your engine to overheat. That's an expensive repair.

Schedule Your Service In Northern California

As you can see, keeping up with routine maintenance by certified technicians with genuine BMW parts is essential to the longevity of your BMW. You'll save money and prevent breakdowns when you bring your vehicle in for scheduled care. Call us or use our website to learn more about the services we offer and to schedule your next BMW service appointment near Roseville, CA.