Don't settle for just any new BMW: Custom order the one you want

Did you know that in Europe, most shoppers custom order their new BMWs directly from the factory? In today's world of supply chain issues and global vehicle shortages, more and more people want to custom order a new BMW from a dealership like us at BMW of Chico in Chico CA. We make the process of getting a new BMW X7, BMW X5 or BMW X3 surprisingly simple. The advantages are many so let's look at an overview.

Build the BMW of your dreams online

We are now providing our own version of the national BMW OEM tool that you can use to make sure you get the BMW you really want. You can specify the perfect exterior paint as well as the ideal interior colors. You can select the technology you want on board and put the right powertrain under the hood.

You can't custom order on your own, but you can do it through us

While it's not possible to custom order a new BMW by yourself, you can place your order through an authorized dealership like BMW of Chico. Because of our unique relationship with the factory, we can gather all the information from you to make sure you get just the BMW you want instead of a compromise. There are no more scouring inventories looking for the perfect BMW: You can custom order the one you want and let it come to you.

Your home becomes your own personal showroom

While sitting in the privacy of your living room, seated in your favorite chair, you can do more than just imagine the car you'd love to be driving. You can fill out our BMW "Design Your Ultimate Driving Machine" form and get the process started online. It doesn't take special connections at the factory or a long-time personal relationship within the executive suite at BMW. All it takes is your own personal connection with BMW of Chico.

How much extra does it cost? How does "nothing" sound to you?

It might sound too good to be true but you can get the BMW of your dreams at absolutely no extra charge. You can handle as many of the details as you'd like completely on your own. But we know that many of our valued customers find benefit in the personal assistance we are more than happy to provide. We can help you pick the specifications you want and let you control the final cost by adding or subtracting features.

What about financing and factory incentives?

As the specialists in our finance center will explain, buying or leasing a custom ordered new BMW is the same process as the one you'd follow to get a new BMW off the showroom floor. We can help you get the best available financing package just as we would with any other purchase. If you want to take advantage of special offers and incentives, we can apply them to your custom order on the day you place it or the day you take delivery.

We can show you how to personally track your BMW order

Once you select the BMW model you want, we will show you the process for tracking your new BMW. The typical delivery time frame is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on which model you select. Once your new BMW arrives at our dealership, we will finalize the paperwork and show you how to use all the features and technology. Find out more about custom ordering the Ultimate Driving Machine™ at BMW of Chico in Chico CA.

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